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Veterinary Care

Veterinární péčeWe hand the complex veterinary needs of farms for cattle, horses and small ruminants. We conduct basic examinations of small animals and backyard farms. Read more.

Culturing of Mastitis / Udder Treatment

Kultivace mastitid / Ošetření vemeneMastitis is the most common indication for the use of antimicrobial therapy. However, up to 40% of clinical cases of mastitis do not actually need to be treated with antibiotics, so there is a potential for significant cost savings by evaluating these cases properly. Read more.

Claws Adjustment

Úprava paznehtůHealthy claws of cows are a basic prerequisite for fulfilling their genetic potential in milk production and reproduction. We perform professional functional adjustments of claws. Read more.


PoradenstvíOur goal is to ensure a healthy herd of cows with maximum milk yield and minimal drug use, with a focus on reducing antibiotic consumption. We also train farm staff. Read more.


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