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Our goal when consulting is to ensure a healthy herd of cows with maximum milk yield and minimal drug use, with a focus on reducing antibiotic consumption.

We Provide Consultations in the field of Udder Health

  • Basic usage and implementation of the MicroMast on-farm culturing system.
  • Usage of culturing kits for purposes of diagnosing particular types of mammalian pathogens and establishing therapeutic procedures.
  • Usage of culturing kits during selective dry-off.
  • Utilisation diagnostic information for the improvement of preventive anti-mastitis protocols.
  • Herd management with an eye toward udder health.
  • Herd analysis and interpretation of milk yield check data.
  • Training of milking and nursing staff on correct procedures.

We Offer Herd Health Diagnostics

  • Solutions for metabolic disorders.
  • Solutions for reproduction problems.
  • Solutions for claws diseases.
  • Solutions for calf health problems.

We Conduct Training for Farm Staff

  • Farm hoof trimmer (correction and treatment unhealthy claws according to state-of-the-art trends).
  • Milking staff (proper milking procedure to prevent formation of mastitis).
  • Farm managers (MicroMast stable diagnostics).

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