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Claws Adjustment

Healthy cow claws are a basic prerequisite for fulfilling their genetic potential in milk production and reproduction. When cows are housed and walk on hard surfaces the abrasion of the horn of the hoof is insufficient and irregular. This overloads some parts of the foot and leads to lameness and lesions, such as a sole ulcer or white line lesion. As a result, daily feed intake and milk yield are reduced, metabolic disorders occur, the cow can not get pregnant, and the risk of mastitis is increased. Any of these will cause huge economic losses.

By using the proper technique and timing, it is possible to maintain the limbs of a cow in good condition and at minimal risk of lesions. 

How We Can Help You

  • We offer professional functional adjustment of claws including the treatment of unhealthy claws and laming cows. During this service we also perform a statistical evaluation of the occurrences of individual lesions.
  • At every farm we perform individually tailored evaluations of the condition of the extremities of the herd, and provide suggestions for possible improvements to the health condition of the limbs.
  • We use a state-of-the-art American Comfort Chute H-series hydraulic cage.
  • The quality and procedure we use for correcting and treating claws is regularly supervised directly by Karl Burg, the world’s foremost expert in the health of limbs and claws, with whom we actively collaborate.
  • We can evaluate the effectiveness of disinfecting baths and we provide consultations on the appropriate choice of disinfectant, the way it is used and the way of making a bath, as well as the design of the bathtubs.

Example of Functional Adjustment of Claws

Do you want to have breeding with healthy claws? Contact us

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