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At present, we provide fully individualised hoof trimming services for 24 farms. Every year we treat over 12,500 cows. Farmers value our services, especially for preventive treatment. Such an approach greatly improves results and the limb health status of the herd. This also improves farm economics.

We are pioneers of the on-farm culturing diagnostics of mastitis originators. We were the first to start using it in the Czech Republic. Through this approach, measurable reductions in antibiotic consumption have been achieved in all farms where we have successfully introduced this system. In addition, the effectiveness of treatments has improved, and the amount of milk wasted has been reduced.

We have been contacted by more than 110 farms and veterinarians, not only from the Czech Republic but also from Slovakia. We provided training for their staff as well as most of the veterinarians. We are still in good contact with all of these farms so we can continue to help them.

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Přidáno 20. 5. 2016, autor: Pavel Just

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